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We help companies of all sizes generate revenue and function more efficiently. We help you make money. Whether you have an idea, you are a startup, you have an existing business that is struggling, or you run a successful company looking to go to the next level we can help. Sign up below for a FREE consultation and business evaluation.

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If you are a successful existing business looking to take it to the next level we can certainly help. One of our specialties is working with companies to help them gain marketshare from competitors and develop new market opportunities. You can indeed take it to the next level. The SBP Group will help pave the way for your future success.

If you are a family-owned business only you know the special challenges staring you in the face daily. The normal everyday issues most businesses face are compounded and multiplied when you run a family business. Situations outside of the office, even at home and beyond, are often too sensitive for the President or CEO to address. This is where we come in. The SBP Group is well-versed in situations like this.

This is our passion. The SBP Group works alongside startup companies applying our knowledge, wisdom, expertise, and guidance during this difficult time. We can prevent you from making mistakes and oversights – saving you precious time and valuable resources. We are direct and we don’t shy away from telling you what you need to hear. Somebody has to do it.

So you have an idea. You have the urge to breakaway from corporate America. You finally have that stash set aside for this day and opportunity. What next? What you don’t want to do is jump into something head first without doing your due diligence. We can guide you through the process of determining whether or not you have a viable opportunity…or not. This is no time for a knee-jerk action. The SBP Group can brainstorm with you and help you make a smart decision.

Business is no fun anymore when you dread it. You know who you are. The SBP Group can work with you to turn that failing business around and create a profitable company – a place you love coming to everyday. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us now. Today.

Dennis & Mike are co-hosts of “Taking Care of Business”. The show airs locally on 95.1 WJRB Young Harris GA. You can listen to our shows here or go to the radio station website and listen during show times. The show airs at 1230pm, 700pm, and 930pm on both Saturday AND Sunday therefore – no excuse for missing a show.

Radio Show 04.15.17 Taking Care of Business

Welcome to Taking Care of Business. In this episode Jerz Mike rants about supporting law enforcement and Dennis Lynn aka The TECH Guy tells us not to rely on social media for our marketing efforts. Thank you for listening to Taking Care of Business. Be sure to...
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Taking Care of Business

Radio Show 04.08.17 What Keeps You Up at Night?

Jerz Mike and Dennis Lynn aka The Tech Guy talk about some of the things that keep business owners up at night. The Tech Guy talks about tablets vs laptops and Jerz Mike has a rant about a Pepsi commercial. Thank you for listening to Taking Care of Business. Be sure...
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Radio Show 04.01.17 The Perils of Growing TOO Fast

This episode of Taking Care of Business is about the perils of small businesses growing TOO fast. Dennis aka The TECH Guy has a tech tip about not being lazy with technology and Jerz Mike rants about knowing your limitations. Thank you for listening to Taking Care of...
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The Perils of Fast Growth

Radio Show – Employee and Employer Relationships 03.25.17

This episode of Taking Care of business is all about the employee and employer relationship --- even the potential employee relationship. The TECH Guy talks about not being stupid on social media and Jerz Mike rants about people who hate America. Thank you for...
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Employee Employer Relationships

Small Business Owner? You Should Be Able To Answer These Questions. Radio Show!

This episode of Taking Care of Business features Jerz Mike and Dennis Lynn aka The TECH Guy addressing small business owners on some questions they SHOULD be able to answer. The TECH Guy talks about LinkedIn and Jerz Mike rants about excuses. Thank you for listening...
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Taking Care of Business

Radio Show Interview – Charles Fish 03.11.17

This episode of Taking Care of Business features an interview with Charles Fish of Georgia Mountain Carpentry. Charles discusses the building, construction, and carpentry industries here in north Georgia, talks about his business, how the employee pool has changed,...
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Charles Fish

Radio Show Interview – Shad Bradley 03.04.17

This episode of Taking Care of Business features an interview with Shad Bradley. No rant. No tech tip. It's all about Shad this episode. Shad talks about music, acting, upcoming projects, personal branding, and much more. Fascinating and entertaining show. Rest...
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Shad Bradley Jerz Mike Dennis Lynn

FaceBook Ads – Radio Show 02.25.17

This episode of "Taking Care of Business" includes some discussion about FaceBook advertising. The Rant from Jerz Mike is all about entitlement and The TECH Guy has a tech tip for all of us. The mailbag proved to be interesting - Jerz Mike and Dennis Lynn aka The TECH...
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FaceBook Advertising

Let’s Talk Social Media! Radio Show 02.18.17

Dennis aka The TECH Guy and Jerz Mike talk a little social media. What channels should you be using? Jerz Mike goes on a rant about people who don't value your time...and more. Using social media effectively is both an art and a science. Thank you for listening to...
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Why You Need a Website – Radio Show – 02.11.17

Taking Care of Business Part I - 02.11.17 Taking Care of Business Part II - 02.17.17 Dennis aka The Tech Guy and Jerz Mike discuss why you need a website. The entire show is devoted to this super important topic. Lots of great info. In fact, The Rant is about...
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Why you need a website!

Frequently Asked Questions

The SBP Group is a very diverse company dedicated to helping other companies and individuals grow to their full potential. Our customers live across the United States and Canada. Some of our clients are small one-person operations and some are billion dollar a year monsters.


The SBP Group Online Marketing
What types of industries do you work with?

The SBP Group works with a plethora of industries. We have worked with media and video companies, racetracks, funeral homes, auto dealerships, real estate companies, hospitality businesses, restaurants, and more. Our portfolio is very diverse.

Are your services affordable?

Yes. One of our main objectives is that we deliver a return on your investment that far exceeds any cost or fees associated with our services. We are all about ROI.

Do you work with small companies or just large businesses?

The SBP Group works with individuals, small Mom & Pop companies, as well as the larger companies. Individual coaching is a speciality.

Do you only work in North Georgia?

Absolutely not. Our clients are located across the United States and into Canada. We work with companies in large metropolitan areas as well as small mountain towns like where we are headquartered in Young Harris GA.

Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Yes. We do that all the time. Confidentiality is one of the most important considerations when deciding which consulting company to do business with. All of your information is secure with us – and we will put it in writing.

Do you offer a guarantee?

No. We do not. Death and taxes; that’s about it when it comes to an iron-clad guarantee. We come as close as possible by not locking our clients into long-term contracts.

Dennis is a rock star. His social media skills are incredible and our company has benefited tremendously from our relationship with The SBP Group; Dennis & Mike. We would highly recommend this company to anyone looked to hire a marketing firm. Thanks to Dennis our company has been elevated from the dark ages.

Tracy H.

Orlando, FL

We had a very unique and specific need for an Android and iPhone smartphone app. These guys rocked it and were so much more affordable than the companies we looked at in New York and Boston. While we were only utilizing The SBP Group for a smartphone app (we are a marketing company) I suspect these guys could do it all. Highly recommended.

Leonard S.

Toronto, Canada

I am a very demanding customer. The SBP Group came thru with flying colors on a project that was both time intensive AND very confidential. It was very important to us that no information was leaked during this process but at the same time collaboration with our team was essential. Thank you guys!

Debbie B.

Houston, TX

Microsoft Corporation
Google Android

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